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"I worked with a few different merchant companies before I started working with MPS and they are the best . I save more money and get great customer service. Thank you."

- Pasha Grill

To boost sales and cut down on paperwork many small businesses are taking advantage of seasonal credit card processing accounts. Available as a standard retail account, with a single point-of-sale device. These special accounts offer the same rates as a year-round processing contract but without the ongoing fees assessed during inactive months.


Seasonal accounts are typically active only for a few weeks or months out of each year. When the business is closed for sales, the account is made inactive.


With the growing dependence on credit card use among the average consumer, and 1.5 billion active credit cards in the United States alone, seasonal credit card accounts are now popular among a wide range of business that crop up during the fall and winter months. These include:


Snow plows

Window washers

Landscaping and decorating

Fall fairs

Christmas tree lots

Concerts and concessions vendors

Pumpkin patches and Halloween stores



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