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Do you accept personal checks? If so, you can utilize electronic check processing (ACH) to get your funds faster and make your operations more efficient. Electronic Check Processing, known as ACH (Automated Clearing House), lets you electronically credit and debit bank accounts of business partners and customers.


ACH gives you the freedom to take checks online or over the phone, as well as provide your employees with the option of direct deposit. ACH transactions are resolved in a similar manner as traditional checks. The clearing house records all transactions daily and categorizes them by the place the check was cashed, totals the amount, and credits or debits all accounts appropriately.


From beginning to end, this is the ACH batch process.

Generate a Transaction: Generating a transaction means you are either charging a customer for a sale or crediting a customer. To credit a customer you go to your Virtual Terminal, log in, and enter your client’s information. For instance, you would enter the client’s Name, Address, Routing Number, Bank Account Number, Check Number, and the Transaction Amount.


Transaction is submitted to the Federal Reserve for Authorization: We submit the transaction information to the Federal Reserve Bank, which allows for the fastest processing available. All transactions are stored in a database that is secured with the latest security and encryption standards and will be included on your monthly statement. Note: once a transaction has been submitted, it cannot be canceled or modified.


Transaction is Cleared or Rejected: As soon as the transaction has cleared, the credit amount is deposited into your checking account. Banks may still reject a transaction even after it has been cleared, which is known as a charge back. All returns or charge backs are resubmitted for payment. We can work with you to minimize costs of returns and charge backs.


Due to the nature of the Federal Reserve and the structure of the banking industry, ACH transactions cannot be completed instantly, however, a typical ACH transaction completes within 3-4 business days.


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