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"We have been using MPS at this location since day one.  Couldn't ask for a better credit card processor. Our Sales Rep, Josh, makes regular visits to the store just to make sure everything is running smoothly (it always does).  Great customer service!"

- Dayton Discount Furniture Vandalia

The Cash on Demand program gives you funds based on what you think your future sales may be. You exchange a portion of your future credit card transactions for capital that you can use for any business purpose. Repaying your loan is easy, payments are taken as a small, agreed to percentage from your credit card sales. This means that repayment is directly associated to the success of your business, instead of being a fixed payment. The better your business does, the sooner your loan gets paid, so it is in our interest to provide you with Cash that will help you run your business.


Cash on Demand vs. Business Loan

Why should you choose Cash on Demand over a small business loan? Because banks refuse credit requests by small businesses about 90% of the time. Why take that risk when you are eligible for Cash on Demand from us? As a merchant, you are eligible for as much as 150% of your gross monthly revenue.


Cash on Demand is perfect for a small business that wants to avoid:


Small business loans


Bad credit loans


Secured business financing


Unsecured business loans


Avoid Business Loan hassles



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