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EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the three companies that originally created the standard. The standard is now managed by EMVCo, a consortium with control split equally among Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, China UnionPay, and Discover.


Why EMV?

EMV chip card transactions improve security against fraud compared to magnetic stripe card transactions that rely on the holder's signature and visual inspection of the card to check for features such as a hologram. The embedded chip communicates with the reader by RIDF. The use of a PIN and cryptographic algorithms such as Triple DES, RSA and SHA provide authentication of the card to the processing terminal and the card issuer's host system.


Understand the "EMV Liability Shift"

The increased protection from fraud has allowed banks and credit card issuers to push through a "liability shift", such that merchants are now liable for any fraud that results from transactions on systems that are not EMV-capable.



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